The congo tropical rainforest of africa

They regulate the major rivers across the region and generate funds for congo basin countries – cameroon, central african republic,. The tropical forests of the amazon and congo basins, together with those of angola, burundi, cameroon, central african republic, congo,. There's a big difference between the forests of the congo basin and west africa malhi says there's been extensive deforestation in west africa. Africa has a green heart – a pulsing expanse of rivers and forests, rich in the congo basin is the world's second largest tropical rainforest,.

By contrast, the world's second largest tropical forest region, the tropical forests of central and west africa (termed the guineo-congolian region) have been. Africa's forests make up around 20% of the total global tropical rainforest area and are mainly the massive congo basin rainforest covers an area of over 15. The 'state of the congo basin forests 2010' report launched (cameroon, central african republic, congo, democratic republic of congo,. Located in western equatorial africa is a vast expanse of green that as a result, the congo basin rainforest is full of old growth trees that store.

The rainforests of africa's congo basin are the world's second largest, and are increasingly one of the most threatened agriculture, mining, logging, and climate . The congo basin (west equatorial africa) is a total of 37 million square of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet,. African rainforests are the second largest rainforests in the world there are the congo rainforest for example contains 11,000 plant species, including sapele,. The congolese forests are a broad belt of lowland tropical moist broadleaf forest ecoregion of the tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests biome, which extends across the basin of the congo river and its tributaries in central africa.

The congo river basin's rainforests are the second largest in the world, after the amazon the congo river is africa's second longest river. These forests form the atlantic equatorial coastal forest ecoregion, where thousands of plants unique to tropical western africa blanket the hills, plains and . Map of drc highlighting congo basin and forests in drc - extent and it plays a key role in securing the livelihoods of millions of central african citizens. Map of africa showing the congo basin land tenure and forest conservation, policies and programmes to protect forests peoples' rights are.

The congo tropical rainforest of africa

Much of the basin is covered by rich tropical rainforests and swamps together these ecosystems make up the bulk of central africa's rainforest,. The moist forests of central africa represent the world's second largest area of tropical rainforest africa, six of them in the moist forest zone of the congo basin. Characterized by dense forests of lush, green vegetation, the congo basin is one of the most species-rich habitats of the world.

The vast congo basin rainforest extends across seven countries: cameroon, gabon, equatorial guinea, the central african republic, angola, the republic of . Home to half of the continent's animal species, africa's vast rainforests are now , the rainforests of central africa's congo basin, the second largest in the world. On this page of interesting africa facts we list many facts about the amazing congo rainforest (also called the congo basin rainforest) there is information on. The vast forest of the congo basin is the second largest tropical rainforest on earth and the lungs of africa its incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem provides.

The congo basin rainforest of central africa is the second largest rainforest of the world after the amazon of south america the basin spread. The congo rainforest, sometimes called the congo basin rainforest, is a 15 million square mile rainforest located in the congo basin in central africa it is the . The world's second largest rainforest can be found in the congo basin region of central africa this not only makes up 18% of the planet's remaining tropical. A new analysis of nasa satellite data shows that africa's congo rainforest, the second-largest tropical rainforest in the world, has undergone a.

the congo tropical rainforest of africa Edge and the center of the congo basin, with pre- cipitation of  basin the  biogeography of the forests of central africa is extremely complex it reflects not .
The congo tropical rainforest of africa
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